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Pray, then, in this way:
Our Father who is in heaven,
Hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come.
Your will be done,
On earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread…
(Matthew 6:9–11)

Bread is as old as civilization. Nomadic groups who turned from hunting and gathering to agriculture established the first permanent settlements by learning how to cultivate crops like barley and wheat. Bread soon became a staple food, one nourishing enough to sustain the growing populations of towns and cities. Daily bread meant life and growth and culture.

Baking bread is both an…

How to ensure a statistically random distribution

Whenever I play cards there’s a complaint commonly uttered by friends and family alike:

Who shuffled these?

Whether the disgust in their voice is genuine or they are merely bluffing to conceal a good hand I wonder about the art of shuffling. Is there a method to guarantee a statistically random distribution of cards throughout the deck?

Playing cards scattered face-up
Playing cards scattered face-up
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Since a deck is made up of 52 unique cards there are 52 factorial possible arrangements the deck could be in (52 factorial is the same as 80,658 vigintillion, a number with 68 digits), guaranteeing virtually no chance that you will ever play…

Demonstrating the value of functions by determining the timing of a train wreck

Two trains leaving from different cities head toward each other at different speeds. Train A, traveling 80 kilometers per hour, leaves Philadelphia heading toward New York, 150 kilometers away. At the same time Train B, traveling 120 kph, leaves New York heading toward Philadelphia. When will the two trains meet?

I realize this type of problem may conjure up nightmarish memories of middle school math class. However, stick with me and not only will you be able to solve this problem with ease, but I will also teach you how to write a JavaScript function to solve it for you!

Surviving without a ubiquitous modern accessory

The following is a fictional account detailing the aftermath of a traumatic occurrence in the life of a millennial. Any resemblance to actual persons or events is purely coincidental.


I never thought it would happen to me.

It’s the sort of thing you assume will happen to someone else. However, turns out, I was that someone else.

I dropped my phone in the toilet.

The day had been off to a good start. I was texting back and forth with my crush, using just enough emojis in all the right places. The conversation was going well, a sporadic repartee that…

A Creative Mashup of Skill and Interest

I’m a big fan of side projects; they are a great way to cultivate creativity and learn new things. However, successfully completing a side project requires more than passing interest. I’ve found that the best way to learn a new skill is to couple it with a preexisting talent. This cross-pollination leads to both retained knowledge and newfound perspective.

I am a web designer/developer by trade, spending my days pushing pixels and typing code. In my free time I’ve recently taken up target archery. So, when the urge to embark upon a side project struck I decided to find a…

Writing CSS Selectors Like a Boss

Modern websites are built around the concept of separating content from presentation: HTML defines the structure of a page while CSS applies the styling. The page that users interact with is the result of multiple files of code working together in unity.

Separating content and presentation is valuable for many reasons, but it means style rules need to be able to target the element they are intended for from another file. CSS achieves this with selectors.

Extending the functionality of a common UI element

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Web interfaces borrow from real world examples to create familiar visual metaphors that are easy to interact with. Content is presented as pages, data is collected in folders and buttons are used to navigate or input information. Most UI elements directly correlate to physical precursors, but the web allows for unique extensibility.

One such UI element is the humble button. Buttons come in all shapes and sizes, but can be narrowed down to two basic types: binary or multiple choice. A light switch is an example of a binary control; it is either on or off. A volume knob is…

Cost Friendly Design Tools

Design software is expensive.

Aspiring creatives looking to get their feet wet in design often get sticker shock when researching industry standard programs. For someone new to the field the cost of these tools can be difficult to swallow.

Adobe’s monthly subscription model alleviates some of the upfront cost and provides a generous discount for students, but for those not in school a subscription for all the apps adds up to about $600/year.

For those looking to avoid a price tag altogether, open source software is the solution. According to,

“Open source software is software whose source code is…

My first experience with photography was at one of my older brother’s soccer games when I was a little boy. My mother was taking pictures with a point-and-shoot rangefinder camera and occasionally gave me a turn to take a shot. I remember my excitement to peer through the tiny viewfinder and press the shutter button, followed by the satisfying click and whir of the film automatically advancing to the next frame.

That initial excitement of taking a picture was no match compared to when my mother brought home prints from the developed roll. The pictures I took were often slightly…

Carson Ford

Designer and developer who occasionally writes.

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